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The European teams

Czechia U18(CZ)

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"It's that time again, the most exciting indoor tournament of the year! After an amazing year where we became champions and finally promoted to the highest level, we can't wait to pick up where we left off. This year, we're entering the indoor cup with high spirits to kick off the season on a positive note. In our team, it's all about focus, mentality, and 'Good vibes.' Hopefully, we can carry this 'good vibe' into the new season and achieve our goals. We will be playing with the same team as last year and a few familiar faces. We're really looking forward to it!"

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For the second consequtive year Sweden will participate in this exciting indoor tournament. With the experiences from last year still fresh in mind, both the coaches and players are looking forward to this event very much. This activity represent a golden opportunity to play against relevant competition and to meet people from outside Sweden.

Sweden U23 is a young team ranging from 16 years up to 23 years of old. However, even if being younger they are not unexperienced. All have played for a long time and have experience from meeting international competition, many of them having represented Sweden in the European Championships earlier this year. 

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The MIx

The Mix was established in 2017 by players Sian Wigington and Chelsie Robison for the purpose of exposing the players to a higher quality of game time and an international level of competition. After years of developing, The Mix continue to compete in tournaments around Europe.
In 2022, The Mix won Great Britain’s Fastpitch League meaning the team qualified for the Women’s Club Europeans in Croatia. After a few years of hard work, building together and growing their game, This Mix won gold at the Women’s Club Europeans 2023. This means they will travel to Europe once again in 2024 to compete at the Women’s Premier Cup in Buttrio, Italy. This is the first time a British club team has competed at the Premier cup in a very long time. 
The Mix continues to succeed with a core group of players and the continued introduction of new players joining the British softball programme. 


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We are thrilled to be participating in The Cup again this year. This tournament holds a special place for us as it feels like a 'home tournament', given our base in Rotterdam, making the ten-minute journey to the Schiedam hall. Moreover, reuniting with our softball friends adds to this feeling. We eagerly anticipate reconnecting with everyone. In this edition of The Cup, we aim to introduce new Neptunus players to the softball community. As we bid farewell to some seasoned players, we warmly welcome fresh talent into the team.

The Cup has served as a pivotal platform for our team's growth over recent years, significantly boosting our confidence. Following our victories in the last two editions (2020 and 2023) and our promotion to the highest league in 2022, we felt prepared to challenge the top Dutch teams. This confidence played a crucial role in securing our first Dutch Championship in October 2023—an accomplishment we're immensely proud of! We are eager to defend our titles this year, the first one being The Cup!


After a great 2023 season in which Olympia won the Premier Cup in Italy and competed for the championship until the last game, preparations for 2024 have started. A busy season is coming up with, among other things, the Premier Cup, the big league and for a number of players also the World Cup and European Championship. The ambition is to compete for the prizes again in 2024, both on the national and international stage. 

Not much has changed within the group. Jade Rijgersberg and Michelle van der Meer have left Olympia. Although Michelle will still be there as a catcher during the IndoorCup. Furthermore, Sandra Gouverneur has stepped down and the staff has been supplemented with Peter Hamersma and Kinge Bouma. Olympia has strengthened itself with the following players: Sanne van der Putten, Kika Bonora and Anna Zoulova. Anna already played a single game for Olympia in 2023. 


Red Lions

We're back! Our last year with the Cup was already in 2020, but we are happy to be able to participate again. Last year we participated in the battle for the championship in the first division. Unfortunately that just didn't work out, but it does give us the opportunity to work with 7 new girls this year on a quality team, which hopefully will be in the top of the first division again. The Cup is always a great time to play together as a team and measure yourself against players from all over the world. This is what makes the Cup so much fun for us!


Coach is Jeroen Swers                   telf +32 497480891
Manager H.Mulders                       telf 06 11728675

Roef has been participating in the Cup for a number of years, a great start to a new season !
An exciting final was played in 2023, and hopefully it will bring even more success in 2024
Actually the Wolfpack has stayed together with the exception of two departures and 1 has found her way back into the pack.
The overall young team has a year of growth and experience and we want to compete at the top and the first goal will be to reach the play-offs.
This year we also want to achieve the highest possible level at the higher European Cup level, for the team it’s a challenge every opponent and show the best of ourselves.

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